Exhibition Nake Residenzartistica

From October 4 to October 7, 2014

Dear Friends
It is with great pleasure that we announce the inauguration of Nake artist residency Etna “The breath of the island between earth, fire and water” via Trainara 67, Sant’Alfio (Catania) – Italy
Solveig Cogliani
Danilo Maestosi
Shuhei Matsuyama

Nake is created and organized by Nilla Zaira D’Urso

Press release attached
info and press contacts: cogliani.itam@gmail.com – 329 8346593
Nake residenza artistica: info@nakesicily.it – 340 8188567
web: www.solveigcogliani.it – www.nakesicily.it





Pubblicato il 29 October 2014