Enrico Gariboldi – In Catalog: Exhibition “Contemporary Art Gallery Gariboldi” (Milan) June 1991

In 1991 the artist exhibited in Milan at the Galleria Gariboldi and he immediately received attention from Corriere della Sera (30 June 1991): “…Sound of a color musician: whites, browns, pearl grays vibrating like notes which change color on the pentagram….” (Sebastiano Grasso). Enrico Gariboldi, who proposes him in the catalog notes: “Isn’t Shin-On perhaps the sound of the heart, the true sound, or maybe the fluctuating sound, the profound sound or the sound of the gods?…” “These sounds,” mentions Monique Sartor in the catalog, “as abstractions, come from tangible reality but they do not belong to it; they are not to be heard but ‘felt’, internalizing them and internalizing the space-time of the artist’s gesture…

Enzo Di Martino – In Catalog: Exhibition “Shin-On ‘93” (Center S.Apollonia, Venice) June 1993

In 1993 the artist showed at the Sant’Apollonia art center in Venice. Enzo Di Martino said this in the catalog: “…the formal vibrations whose slight crinkling make up the pictorial texture of Matsuyama, those emotional quiverings that thicken the field of apparition of the ‘sound line’, that progressive laying down of layers which seems to indicate different levels of awareness in the work, bring out an event which is formal but also holy…

Enzo di Martino – Il Gazzettino (Venice) 13 July 1993

In 1995, on the occasion of an exhibition at the same venue, Di Martino commented: “Matsuyama has moved out of the dimension of the painting with colored paper cylinders and an installation… the concept of art becomes an environment of art… with support staged by designer Makoto Kawamoto and music composed for the occasion by Massimo Mazotti” (Il Gazzettino, 6 July 1995). In the catalog for this show, Flaminio Gualdoni noted that “with this cycle of works… Matsuyama tends to confront – his desire – the naturalistic component of his image… the idea of an increasingly less axial and lowered horizon, opening to view an estranged pictorial sky…

Elena Pontiggia – In Catalog: Exhibition “Shin-On ‘97” (Battioro S.Stae, Venice) June 1997

In 1997 a show by Matsuyama was planned specifically for the exposition area of the Schola dei Batioro e Tiraoro on the Canal Grande at S. Stae, staged by the designer Kosei Shireotani with musical intervention by Hiroshi Sato. “Painting as philosophy, philosophy as painting” was the title of the presentation by Elena Pontiggia in the catalog. “If everything is a number, everything is rhythm and, therefore, everything is music: coherently, Pythagoras thought the stars moved about in sidereal space creating a harmonious sound.” She mentions Kandinsky’s intuition that “color is an interior sound.” In Matsuyama’s work there is “knowledgeable experience.” With regard to color: “They are mental colors, introverted, noiselessly emotional in that they neither ring out nor shout, but the speak through silence…

Silvia Pegoraro – In Catalog: Exhibition “Fiorile Arte” (Bologna) December 1996

The Rocca Malatestiana at Montefiore Conca (Rimini) hosted a show of Matsuyama’s works in 1999. Silvia Pegoraro commented in the catalog: “the painter makes it possible for the body of the artist and of the spectator to identify themselves with the light-color-line-sound complex, which does not represent the human body; it does not make it present in the form… it is present in the matrix of the painting…The painting becomes a vehicle for a holistic experience which informs us about the relational character of the universe, on its connective structure, and its interdependence between infinite things-events, making it like a network of crystals.
To these considerations, Domizio Mori’s comments in the presentation for the exhibition at Sant’Apollonia in Venice in 1999 (staged by Makoto Kawamoto with music by Maurizio Pisani, Takashi Niigaki, Yoichi Sugiyama and Gabriele Manca) can be added: “markings that vibrate in a continual vital quivering like in Brownian motions.” With regard to the line which in various ways often divides the works of Matsuyama he points to “one of the fundamental characteristics of universal order: symmetry and exceptions in biological and inanimate things.” He goes on to say, “In the recent works, certain rhomboid-shaped forms make one think of either a wound…, biological intimacy, or a crack in a mineral surface to reveal an emerging mass of magma…” Writing of this same exhibition, Ermanno Krumm (Corriere della Sera, 12 July 1999) mentions “a taste for the rarefaction of materials… an ideal of art which unifies color and sound… people have been speaking about it since the beginning of the century as one of the great dreams of the avant-garde.

Chiara Gatti – La Repubblica (Milan) 25 May 2002

And finally, in 2002 in an exhibition planned by Pier Luigi Senna at the Fondazione Matalon, Matsuyama continues his investigation of the mysterious sound of things. Chiara Gatti (La Repubblica, 25 May 2002) said, “background music accompanies the visitor… by the Japanese composer Kaisaku Ashizawa. Faithful friend of the painter, he wanted to undertake a journey with him through the universe of sound and the thousand shapes through which it can manifest. Poetry of the pentagram and lyrics made of paper and color are two faces of the same quest…


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